I have been livin and rockin since 1992 with you guys from far away from Omaha in Upstate NY. This year will be the first year the starshines have aligned and my wife and are coming to New Orleans on March 11! We are jacked. I am sure you get tons of emails and requests but if there is any opportunity or place possible to meet the band or any of you it would chip 3 items from my bucket list, with 311 day as one and visiting New Orleans as another. Would love to show off my quarter sleeve that has an Easter Island themed "311" lettering. Odd request from a 34 year old I am sure but you guys have gotten me through the best and worse times of my life. I would love to meet you even for a few minutes while were in the Big Easy for the first time!

311 responded on 09/23/2015

Hey Anthony! Thanks for all the longtime support. Very cool. Great to hear you'll join us in NOLA for 311 DAY. Gonna be a blast! Sorry to say there is no organized meet and greet at 311 DAY. Never has been. It's a very involved show for us. So we have to conserve our energy as much as possible until hitting the stage. So we'll be on the downlow so we can explode on stage for great shows. Hope you understand. Thanks again, stay well.!

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