I had the pleasure of playing basketball against PNUT on the last cruise and there is an amazing picture of he and I doing the tip off at the beginning of the game. I want to print a couple of these pictures off and mail them to you guys, one for PNUT to keep and one that hopefully he could sign and send back to me (I'll provide a self addressed stamped envelope). This would be the best keep sake I can imagine! Is there any chance this could happen?

PS- Thanks for all you do for us fans. We are beyond spoiled with your yearly events, constant touring, releasing of new music and everything else that comes with it.

311 responded on 09/23/2015

Hey! Thanks for the support. Glad you had a blast on the Cruise. You can mail it to the 311 mgmt office and it can be passed along to P-Nut. Send to Red Light Management c/o 311 (P-Nut) 8439 Sunset Blvd, 2nd Fl. Los Angeles CA 90069. We have not figured out any 2016 touring yet. Other than 311 DAY. Giving that show a thought? Info: www.311.com/311Day2016. Tix: tinyurl.com/oyjqhg2
Thanks again, Peace, stay well.!

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