right now at the moment I would like to know where I could send a letter to Arron (P-nut) I would just prefer to send a snail mail b/c to me it seems to have a bit more meaning being hand written than to send an email or any other way opposed to today's current technology by just simply typing it out?

311 responded on 09/23/2015

Hey Lee! You can mail it to the 311 mgmt office and it can be passed along to P-Nut. Send to Red Light Management c/o 311 (P-Nut) 8439 Sunset Blvd, 2nd Fl. Los Angeles CA 90069
We have not figured out any 2016 touring yet. Other than 311 DAY. Giving that show a thought? Info: www.311.com/311Day2016. Tix: tinyurl.com/oyjqhg2
Thanks again, Peace, stay well.!

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