No question, but a huge THANK YOU to 311!!! My 9th show was the best ever, so far.......Scottsdale, AZ. 07/02/2015! I got the setlist (Thanks for the footprints guys) and I also waited in huge line after show at merch. setup and thought everything would be almost gone, but I "Random"ly/Miraculously purchased a poster signed by The Greatest, Most Influential, Most Positive band EVER....311!!! I'm still speechless and most awed that I had so much luck that night. I felt very deserving of these items because I give all the 200% energy I have at The 311 Show! Thank you so much for everything you guys have done for me and the rest of the 311 fan base throughout the Universe! Sincerely, The Crazy Guy In Front (Mohawk this show) aka Steven Rivero from Tucson, AZ!

311 responded on 09/23/2015

Thanks Steven! Appreciate the support, good vibes and dedication. Right on. Glad you had a blast in Scottsdale. We have not figured out any 2016 touring yet. Other than 311 DAY. Giving that show a thought? Info: www.311.com/311Day2016. Tix: tinyurl.com/oyjqhg2
Thanks again, Peace, stay well.!

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