Hi! Been a fan since 1993. You guys were in Mobile Alabama at the Soul Kitchen last year. You carried an awesome shirt. It was an Alabama Jersey, but was 311. I wanted one soooo bad but didn't have the money. i have been searching since. Do you still have any that i might purchase? Please let me know. As always F@#! the BS!!!

311 responded on 09/23/2015

Hey Chuck! Thanks for longtime dedicated support. All the merch we have left is at www.The311Store.com. We don't make many of the limited market specific shirts, so those are probably long gone. But you can check at that link. We have not figured out any 2016 touring yet. Other than 311 DAY in New Orleans. Giving that show a thought? Info: www.311.com/311Day2016. Tix: tinyurl.com/oyjqhg2
Thanks again, Peace, stay well.!

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